Life Jacket Loaner Program

The Utah Lake Life Jacket Loaner Program provides the public with free use of life jackets on a first-come, first-served basis. Research shows that most drowning could have been prevented if a life jacket had been worn by the victim. The goals for this program are to increase the wearing of life jacketsĀ during water-based activities as well as to educate the visiting public on the importance of proper use and fit of life jackets and water safety.

How Can I Help?

Donate Money

Monetary donations will help to:

  • construct stands for storing/displaying the loaner life jackets at the marinas
  • purchase additional life jackets
  • raise awareness through community outreach

Donate Life Jackets

You can drop off lightly used life jackets at Utah Lake Authority offices. Life jackets must:

  • be in good condition
  • be US Coast Guard approved
  • have a legible label on the inside
  • have zippers and buckle straps in good condition

Loaner Stations Locations (Existing and Planned)