Trail Plan

The Utah Lake Authority is working with all of the municipalities around Utah Lake, Utah County, and others in an effort to coordinate city and county trails so that there will be a continuous trail system that circles the entire lake. Currently, focus is on the sections between Saratoga Springs and Provo, around the east side of the lake.

The Mountainland Association of Governments has been generous enough to provide a geographic information system (GIS) map that shows the trail plans and other helpful information. Here is the link to the larger version:

We are excited by this coordination between the various agencies involved, and we plan to keep you updated on its progress!

Current and Near Future Trail Projects

The City of Saratoga Springs is paving two sections of the Utah Lake Shoreline Trail in 2021. The area around Amanda Lane and along Saratoga Rd by Inlet Park and the SSOA marina. For more details, check out this flyer:

Utah Lake Shoreline Trail – Saratoga Springs Extension flyer

The City of Vineyard has been hard at work, partnering with developers and other public agencies to complete the lake shoreline trail within their city’s boundaries. They’re just about finished! Flagship Homes is in the process of completing the last section, approx. 200 yards long.

The Walkara Way Conservation Project improves and restores the lake shoreline in many ways, one of which is completing an approx. 3.25 mile section of the trail, the key piece to connect the Vineyard Trail down to the Provo River Delta Project and tie into three city trail systems. In 2021, the state legislature awarded $4.4 million to the project to get things started, including the trail. Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) has also committed to fund another $4 million in 2023 (MAG operates on a three-year funding cycle) to complete the project. To learn more about this project, visit our Utah Lake Projects page.

There is a section of trail that runs on the east side of Lindon Marina north toward the transfer station, but it dead-ends just past the marina. Then, there is no trail until you get all the way around to the western border of Lehi, at North Lake Park where the trail picks up again and runs all the way into Saratoga Springs.

In 2021, Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) committed to fund over $3.5 million in 2023 (MAG operates on a three-year funding cycle) to install this ~ 5-mile section. Once completed, you will be able to use the trail from Saratoga Springs all the way over to Provo.