Summer and Winter Fishfests


Reel Fun in the Sun or Snow: Utah’s Fishfests!

Embrace the spirit of adventure with the Utah Lake Authority’s exhilarating Summer and Winter Fishfests! Spanning a week to a week and a half, these unique fishing challenges offer the ultimate flexibility to fit your schedule. Set against the stunning backdrop of Utah Lake, anglers of all levels are invited to cast their lines whenever they wish and as often as they desire, ensuring every participant can enjoy the event at their own pace. Whether basking under the summer sun or wrapped in the winter air, the Fishfests promise exciting adventures, learning opportunities, and the thrill of the catch. With a variety of prize categories tailored to each season, and the chance to discover the lake’s diverse aquatic life, the Fishfests are your ticket to outdoor excitement and community unity. Come out to Utah Lake—anytime, anywhere—and join a community of enthusiasts in celebrating the joy of fishing


Summer Details

Winter Details



Everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting your feet wet, Utah Lake welcomes you. It’s a Summer celebration for all who share a love for fishing and the great outdoors. Come join a community that casts together under the summer sun!


Set sail for a summer of adventure with the Utah Lake Summer Fishfest! This sun-soaked challenge invites you to cast your line on the waters of Utah Lake. Snap a photo of your catch and submit it for a chance to win an array of prizes. Be in the warmth of the season while learning about the lake’s ecosystem and enjoying the outdoors. It’s not just about the fish; it’s about making waves of fun memories under the summer sky!


The event runs from June 28 -July 8. Anytime or day you want to go fishing during that period, as many times as you want.


This challenge is only for Utah Lake (and the mouths of its tributaries). You can fish anywhere at the lake (fees may apply if you go to one of the marinas), any of the 27 public access points offer great fishing access. So get out there and start fishing!


Any anglers and winter enthusiasts alike! If you find joy in the quiet beauty of ice fishing or the excitement of casting from the shore, this event is for you. Utah Lake becomes a winter wonderland for anyone eager to fish, learn, and enjoy the crisp air!


Embrace the chill of the season at the Utah Lake Winter Fishfest! Whether you’re drilling through ice, casting from the shore, or aboard a vessel, every catch is a chance to win. Take a photo, enter it, and repeat – the frosty fun never ends. Stay cozy, stay safe, and discover the wintry wonders of Utah Lake. With unique prizes for every snowy catch, the Winter Fishfest is your cool ticket to icy thrills and learning chills!


The event is To Be Announced. Anytime or day you want to go fishing during that period, as many times as you want.


This challenge is only for Utah Lake (and the mouths of its tributaries). You can fish anywhere at the lake (fees may apply if you go to one of the marinas), any of the 27 public access points offer great fishing access.




Summer Fishfest Rules

Ready for a summer of fishing fun? Here’s what you need to know to participate in the Utah Lake Summer Fishfest:


    • Register: Sign up and receive your Angler Identifier Card.
    • Fish Anywhere: You can fish anywhere on Utah Lake and its tributaries.
    • Photo Submissions: Catch a fish, take a photo with your identifier card, and submit it for a chance to win.
    • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your email for updates and additional information.
    • Safety First: Follow all state fishing regulations and safety guidelines.
    • Enjoy: Have fun, learn about the lake, and maybe win a prize! Don’t forget to read the full Summer Fishfest rules  before you start.


Winter Fishfest Rules:

Get ready for the chill of fishing in winter with the Utah Lake Winter Fishfest:


    • Register: Ensure your spot by signing up and getting your Angler Identifier Card.
    • Flexible Fishing: Whether on the ice or from the shore, catch your fish at any public access point.
    • Capture Your Catch: Take a photo with your identifier card and your catch, then submit it.
    • Stay Updated: Watch for emails during the event for important information and tips.
    • Ice Safety: Always check ice thickness, bring safety equipment, and never fish alone.
    • Prizes Galore: Enter your catch for a chance at various prize categories. Remember, the full Winter Fishfest rules are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.


What’s the Catch?

There is no catch, beyond the thrill of the catch, the Utah Lake Fishfests offer a treasure trove of rewards! Dive into a world where every cast could reel in fantastic prizes that are sure to lure you in. But it’s not just about the prize; it’s about embracing the great outdoors, mastering the art of angling, and enriching your knowledge of Utah Lake’s vibrant ecosystem and fish. Set your sights on a new personal best, It’s a chance to challenge yourself, refine your skills, and maybe even snag the most titles!



Prepare to be hooked by the variety of prizes awaiting you at the Fishfests! From the heaviest haul to the most scenic fishing snapshot, our categories cater to every angler’s dream. Imagine decking out your tackle box with new ice fishing gear or showing off your fresh catch with top-of-the-line equipment. Each prize is a token of celebration for your dedication to the sport and the spirit of the Fishfests. So cast your line and let the games begin – a bounty of fishing fortunes awaits!