Adopt a Shoreline Program

The Adopt-a-Shoreline Program was established to provide a framework under which groups can contribute to the community by “adopting” an access point to Utah Lake and agreeing to improve it through litter pickup and reporting of any damage to amenities.

The Utah Lake Authority sponsors this program by organizing the adoption of access points, providing plastic gloves and trash bags to volunteers, and coordinating drop-off sites for trash that is collected.

We believe that the various beaches and access points at Utah Lake can be utilized by groups of all ages and sizes, if they are cared for by all of us as local residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can adopt an access area: businesses, church groups, clubs, individuals, families, etc. We will work with you to find an area for your group.

Yes, the Adopt-a-Shoreline program is approved with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to count toward hours in the Dedicated Hunter program.

We will provide you with a time sheet; each time you go out to clean up, you will record the date, time arrived/time completed, and how many hours total. You will keep your time sheet with you and turn it in when you want/need to receive credit for your hours. This makes it so you only have to submit your time sheet occasionally, but preferably at least once a year. You send the completed time sheet to and we submit it to DWR for your hours.

Per the Adopt-a-Shoreline agreement you will sign, the term “shall continue in perpetuity, unless terminated by the Grantee or the ULA with written notice.” If you no longer want to participate in the program, or if the Authority feels the expectations included in the agreement aren’t being met, the agreement will simply be terminated.

We request a minimum of three cleanups per year, normally spring, summer, and fall. However, more cleanups in a shorter time is ok too. The point is that we want to maintain the clean appearance of these public access points throughout the spring, summer, and fall for lake recreation enthusiasts.

*DEDICATED HUNTERS: Hours will NOT be accepted, in some cases, if there is a concern over validity. DWR has stressed that they don’t want a last-minute submission, saying you performed 16 hours of trash cleanup at the lake on the last day possible.

Each time you go out, please take photos/video and email it to us at Also, if you want to report statistics, we love that too! The number of bottles or aluminum cans you picked up, how many trash bags you filled, etc.

See the map at the top of this webpage. The pins on the map are all the public access points at Utah Lake. RED need adoption currently, GREEN are currently adopted.