Utah Lake Resorts

Integrates new core curriculum requirements:

Language Arts, Standards 4.W.8, 4.RI.4; and Social Studies, Standards 1 and 2


Utah Lake Resorts (Lesson Plan)

Instructional Materials (Also included at the end of the lesson plan, pages 5-6)

  • SS Sho-Boat (8 second clip), Utah Lake: Legacy
  • (For UEN access, view 5:13-5:21 of part two below).


  • Chapter 4, Utah Lake: Legacy (Entire Chapter):  


  • Chapter 4, Utah Lake: Legacy (Part 1):   


  • Chapter 4, Utah Lake: Legacy (Part 2):   


  • Additional Materials: (32 pages of materials that could be used in the lesson plan including images of Utah Lake Resorts and other activities around Utah Lake. You can download the information by clicking on Part A or Part B)

♦ Additional Materials.A

♦ Additional Materials.B


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