The Business of Abusing a Lake

Integrates new core curriculum requirements:

Language Arts, Standards 4.RI.7, 4.SL.4, 4.SL.5; Science, Standard 5; and Social Studies, Standards 1, 2, 3

The Business of Abusing a Lake (Lesson Plan)

Instructional Materials (Also included at the end of the lesson plan pages 11-15)

  • Chapter 5, Utah Lake: Legacy


  • Chapter 7, Utah Lake: Legacy



  1. Jennifer Madsen

    I am taken to a link with lesson resources, but I can’t find the lesson plans. I would love to teach this to my fourth graders.

    • If you click on the words “The business of abusing a lake”, it should take you to the lesson plan. I’m not sure why those words aren’t underlined like they should be to make it clear that it is a link. I will try to make it more user friendly. Thanks for the message!

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