Addy Valdez

Justin Hackworth

Addy has two Bachelor’s degrees in both Biology and Environmental Science from Rocky Mountain College (Montana). She will be pursuing a Master’s in Natural Resource Stewardship from Colorado State University in the fall of 2024. Addy has worked in a variety of settings regarding conservation and ecological research, focusing on the intermountain west. 

Growing up on a rural Montana cattle ranch, Addy has an inherent connection to the land. Through her education and love of the outdoors, she has had many valuable experiences, such as researching freshwater turtle population ecology, analyzing riverine water flows, monitoring alpine plants, and even traveling to the Galapagos Islands. As a newer resident of Utah, she is very excited to learn more about Utah Lake’s complex and vibrant ecosystems, and can’t wait to further conservation efforts on Utah Lake while working for ULA.

Addy writes various monitoring plans, helps to find gaps in Utah Lake research, aids other organizations on their own projects, and gets out in the field as much as she can. 


Conservation Biologist, Utah Lake Authority
51 S University Ave. #109
Provo, Utah 84601