Summer Fishfest 2023

Its back! Like the winter version, this isn’t your typical fishing tournament; we like to think of it as a fishing challenge. You’ll have 9 days, you can go anywhere on Utah Lake, as often as you want, and earn entries to a raffle. Catch a fish, take a photo, repeat. You’ll have some fun, stay safe, learn a little about Utah Lake and maybe win a prize!

The Details


Anglers! Anyone interested in fishing and Utah Lake.


A fishing challenge. You catch fish at Utah Lake, take photos and submit for a chance to win prizes. All while having fun, learning about Utah Lake and spending time outside.


This challenge is only for Utah Lake (and the mouths of its tributaries). You can fish anywhere at the lake (fees may apply if you go to one of the marinas), any of the 27 public access points offer great fishing access.


The event runs May 6-14. Anytime or day you want to go fishing during that period, as many times as you want.


We want you to get out and enjoy yourself fishing at Utah Lake, and learn a little more about the lake as you do.

What’s in it for You?

Prizes! We know that’s what you’re interested in. 😉 You also get to spend time outside, maybe learn a new skill, learn more about Utah Lake, challenge yourself with new angling goals (how many different species can you catch at the lake during the challenge?)


Steps to Get Started:

  1. Read the Fish Fest rules
  2. Click the “Register Now” button to sign up
  3. On May 5, each angler registered will receive an Angler Identifier Card, per the challenge rules as well as the link for submitting photos to the drawing.
  4. *There will be additional emails sent out during the duration of the contest with relevant and helpful information


Prizes are the best, right?! Thanks to Al’s Sporting Goods for partnering with us on these prizes. Winners from the raffle and additional categories will get to choose from these prizes. *Choices available as supplies last.



How much does it cost?

The Winter Fish Fest is FREE to participate in the challenge. However, if you choose to visit paid access points at Utah Lake, entrance fees are still required. For a map of all 27 public access points at the lake, visit our Access Points page. Just these access points charge an entrance fee: American Fork Marina, Lindon Marina and Utah Lake State Park.

Where can I fish to qualify?

Generally speaking, anywhere on the lake proper, as well as the mouths of the major tributaries. For more specific details, heck out the Fish Fest boundaries map.

How do I submit my photos of the fish I caught?

The submission form will be sent out to all registered anglers on June 18th. The form includes instructions on where you submit your photos for the various prize categories.

How do I register for the challenge?

Visit the Registration section on this page for more details.