Winter FishFest

Upcoming Event Dates

January 12-21, 2024

This isn’t your typical fishing tournament!

We like to think of it as a fishing challenge. It doesn’t matter if its on the ice or from the shore, a boat, dock, or jetty. Catch a fish, take a photo, repeat. You’ll have some fun, stay safe, learn a little about Utah Lake, and maybe win a prize!

This 9-day tournament gives you the chance to get out and explore new areas of the lake to find exciting new types of fish and have a chance at scoring the biggest catch!

This challenge is only for Utah Lake (and the mouths of its tributaries). You can fish anywhere at the lake (fees may apply if you go to one of the marinas); any of the 27 public access points offer great fishing access.


There are a variety of prizes for various categories, ranging from biggest fish to best fishing background. Prizes include a variety of ice fishing gear you can use for all your fishing adventures.

Ice Safety

It’s important to remember the many safety precautions to take when recreating on the ice.

Here are just a few:

1. Always check ice thickness before going out on the ice, particularly early and late in the season when ice is either forming or deteriorating. Clear ice is capable of holding more weight than cloudy ice. Clear ice is stronger than white (bubble filled) ice. Four inches of clear ice will support about 2,000 pounds in a 30’ by 30’ space. It takes 8″ of white ice to do the same thing. There should be a minimum of 4″ of good clear ice before walking out onto the lake and at least 6″ or more for other equipment.

2. Always go with a partner and bring safety equipment such as rope and ice awls for pulling yourself out of the water. Always wear a life vest under your clothing. However, avoid large groups of people and equipment in small areas.

3. Remember that the mouths of streams and underwater springs can create unsafe ice conditions.