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Utah Lake Angler, Pat Scouten, "TubeDude"

Pat Scouten is a well-known angler and respected expert – one who “knows it all” about fishing on Utah Lake.  He has built an extensive knowledge of the types of fish, a variety of fishing techniques, unique locations, has studied the Lake’s history, and he has recommendations for its future. Fishing defines Pat, who is […]

Don't knock it 'till you try it: Utah Lake Carp Chowder

Carp aren’t the most beloved freshwater fish. They’re invasive, non-native to American lakes, and frumpy looking. They’re also a fun catch and plentiful. So why not put them to good use, says Keith Morgan. He makes… wait for it, carp chowder out of ‘em! “When I first made it, I was out skiing for a […]

6 big catches: Utah Lake a great fishing resource

By Don Allphin Utah Lake is viewed by some as a dirty, muddy, smelly and unsightly reservoir beyond help. For many years, the lake was, in fact, a dumping ground for sewage, chemicals and waste water from the industries that built and operated plants near the impoundment. As municipal sewage systems have improved, and industrial […]

Two years in, carp removal continues at Utah Lake

With a fish net the size of three football fields, commercial fisherman are hard at work right now removing 40 million pounds of carp from Utah Lake, KSL reports. The ongoing effort is a continuation of what started two years ago to restore, clarify, and protect the lake. On average, Bill Loy Jr. and his crew remove […]

Beneath the surface, a teacher falls in love with Utah Lake

The following guest column is written by Jodi McKee, a fourth grade teacher from southern Utah County and contributor to the Utah Lake curriculum. I am not originally from Utah. I moved here in the ’70s and all I knew about Utah Lake was that it was not considered a very clean lake. My awareness […]

In the hot seat: Utah Lake Commissioner Reed Price

Four years ago, 21 area governments — including neighboring municipalities of Utah County, the Department of Natural Resources, and the great state of Utah — created the Utah Lake Commission. Its goal: To help promote, inform, sustain, and protect the Lake. How have they done so far? recently spoke with Commission Executive Director Reed […]

So long, carp! Here’s how Utah Lake could have clear water by 2017

If there’s one thing Utah Lake isn’t known for, it’s clear blue water. But there’s no reason it can’t be translucent again, preservationists say. Which is why local officials are working hard to restore it.  And if all goes according to plan, it could happen a lot sooner than you think. As early as 2017, […]